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Monty Mobile dials up on SaaS and VAS options in telecom



Kumar Shyam

Life changed with Covid-19. For many it became worse. But for some such as UK-based Monty Mobile, it proved to be a challenge as well as an opportunity that they have grabbed with both hands.

It will be an understatement that people’s lives around the world changed and shifted to smartphones and personal computers in a work-from-home culture post the pandemic. The sands of time had shifted already in that aspect.

Yet, Covid-19 accelerated that and so much that many businesses and careers of professionals had to undergo a paradigm shift. Many operations closed down.

Yet, Monty Mobile was prepared and has only grown from strength to strength. For a company which was founded in 1998, it has expanded its presence to 19 countries under founder Mountasser Hachem. And their strong growth has been on display during the Gitex Global in Dubai this week.

In a similarity of sorts, the world’s largest tech show has been announced as a roaring success and back with a bang after the uncertain period when coronavirus took over. So much that Gitex is expanding to Africa.

“We came to Gitex to announce our multi-cultural platform as a Value-Added Services (VAS) provider at a time when people are so connected to the phones glued in their hands like an extension of their body,” says Ali Sabbagh, the operations manager in charge of the UAE.

“When Covid hit, people were stuck at home but work had to go on. Even otherwise, for people doing simple things like ordering food also became a challenge. Since 2020 (during peak-Covid) we are providing telecom software solutions; we are a globally certified SMS hub; we cater to both B2B and B2C clientele, and everything in mobile operations.

“At this Gitex, we are introducing our improved multi-cultural platform for mostly B2B business who want to improve their CXO (customer experience) through the way of apps like Whatsapp, chatbots push notifications, etc.

“With our services, one can connect with a restaurant, in this example, in multiple ways across platforms – be it Whatsapp, Telegram, TikTok, Instagram, Viber, etc.

“Our aim is to provide seamless end to end solutions, be user friendly and integrated over iOS and Android devices. Our vision is to support any industry and Monty Mobile can customise according to the company’s needs.”

While stressing that Monty Mobile is relentless in adding more features, additional channels (read applications) and more automation to their Software as a Service, Mr Sabbagh acknowledges there is a fierce competition in the domain before reeling of some feathers in the company’s cap.

“We are not just SaaS, but also CCAAS (customer care as a service). We continue to combine more features for any scenario. We have managed to run 135,000 campaigns and more than 600 million messages. We have seen more success with each passing year.

“Our price is more competitive than others. Our interface is more friendly and we have seen 60% growth year-on-year,” Mr Sabbagh claims.

According to him at the Gitex, more than 50 companies have shown interest, including both the leading UAE operators – Etisalat e& and du.

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GCC powers reiterate ADIPEC message at COP27 on two-pronged focus




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As the United Nations Climate Summit COP27 comes to a close this week in Egypt’s Sharm el-Sheikh, the conference’s key aim of ensuring full adherence to the Paris Agreement is unlikely to be fulfilled. Since last year’s COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland, “only 29 out of 194 countries [in the agreement] came forward with tightened national plans,” a UN press release stated.

Yet, while most members are making some efforts to cap climate change, the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states have focused on the need for a two-pronged approach to climate — focusing on both oil and green energy — amid rising energy demand following the war in Ukraine and the nations’ reliance on energy exports as a mainstay of their economics.

Pointing out the impracticality of the climate goals laid out at last year’s summit, Dr Sultan Al Jaber, chief executive officer of Abu Dhabi National Oil Co., said that the lack of sufficient investment in fossil fuels before alternatives were able to meet the world’s energy needs is “a recipe for disaster.”

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UAE energy company reckons Africa to be hydrogen hub




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Hydrogen continues to be a major topic at the United Nations Climate Change Conference, aka COP27.

The Emirati renewable energy company Masdar released a report today on the potential of the African continent to become a hub for the generation of green hydrogen.

What is green hydrogen? Hydrogen can be used as an energy source when it is separated from water via electricity. When that electricity is powered by renewable energy, such as solar or wind power, it is referred to as green hydrogen.

Africa’s potential: Masdar identified several factors that indicate the potential of African countries to produce green hydrogen. The continent has an abundance of sunshine and land, as well as relative cost effectiveness vis-a-vis other areas.

The Abu Dhabi-based company, which is owned by the Emirati government, predicted that Africa could produce 30 to 60 million tons per year of green hydrogen by 2050. This would require between $680 billion and $1.3 trillion in investment, however. At present, Africa as a whole accounts for only about 3% of global hydrogen project announcements, according to Masdar’s report.

Masdar is not alone in its thinking. The DC-based Brookings Institution released a report in May noting Africa’s excellent solar and wind resources and hydropower potential along the Nile and Congo rivers. The report further noted that several European countries have expressed interest in developing Africa’s hydrogen sector.

Challenges: It will be difficult for Africa to become a hydrogen hub, however. The Brookings report also pointed out that more than half of Africa’s population does not have electricity. Hydrogen also requires water at a time of rising water scarcity in Africa. Moreover, maritime shipping of hydrogen would add to costs, according to Brookings.

Why it matters: Gulf states, including the UAE, are showing increasing interest in green hydrogen. In May, the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company signed a green hydrogen cooperation agreement with British Petroleum.
Some of the Gulf’s hydrogen projects are in Africa. In October, Saudi Arabia’s ACWA Power signed a green hydrogen deal with South Africa.

Egypt and Morocco have also shown a strong interest in green hydrogen. The Saudi company Alfanar pledged in August to start building a green hydrogen plant in Egypt.

Know more: Green hydrogen is a stated focus of COP27 this year. Egypt announced another green hydrogen project at the conference this week. At the same time, many more fossil fuel industry lobbyists are present at the conference this year than compared to last.

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World’s tallest residential tower to be built in Dubai




Uniting their rich heritage and iconic architectural and horological codes, power brands Binghatti and Jacob & Co introduce their ultra-luxury Dubai skyscraper. The project, ‘Burj Binghatti Jacob & Co Residences’, aspires to achieve the record for the world’s tallest residential structure. Burj Binghatti Jacob & Co Residences coins a new term in upper-crust real estate: hypertower. Opening a new era in uber-luxury living, this unparalleled skyscraper aims to set a record as one of the tallest residential constructions in the world. In a great leap upwards, it stands opulently in the heart of Dubai’s most eminent financial district, Business Bay.

The proposed design comprises over 100 stories that are made of lavish two-bedroom and three-bedroom residences. This jewel of a building features unique designs co-signed by and co-designed in the recognizable style of watchmaking and jewelry brand Jacob & Co and leading Dubai-based developer Binghatti. Burj Binghatti Jacob & Co Residences includes multiple levels dedicated to such amenities as an infinity pool overlooking the entire Dubai skyline, a luxury spa and a gymnasium. This hypertower also houses a dedicated concierge team, offering à la carte services such as daycare, bodyguard, chauffeur and private chef.

“This unparalleled skyscraper aims to set a record as one of the tallest residential constructions in the world,” according to a Binghatti statement. In a great leap upwards, the property developer said ultra-luxury skyscraper will stand opulently in the heart of Dubai’s most eminent financial district, Business Bay. The proposed design comprises over 100 stories that are made of lavish two-bedroom and three-bedroom residences.

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