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Iftar deals to look out for this Ramadan



The holy month of Ramadan is upon us. Depending on the moon sighting, Ramadan should start on March 22 or 23. It means different working hours, different lifestyle and change in food habits as people from Muslim faith observe a month of prayers and fasting to renergise the body and soul from within.

Even though Ramadan is a period of fasting, food is central to Ramadan. Fasting means many people do not eat during daylight hours, which makes Iftar the most special time in the evenings when everyone ends their day spending quality time with family and friends.

Iftar is the time you replenish energy levels so every effort should be made to consume foods from all major food groups: fruit and vegetables, rice and alternatives, as well as meat and alternatives (which include dairy). And F&B outlets in the UAE come out with special offerings to partake in this special occasion for their customers, and themselves too.

Here are some of the offerings we have lined up so far (please visit this space for more deals and details):


Elevate your Iftar experience with a magnificent 360° view of the bustling city of Dubai at Kris With A View and Lounge of the Park Regis Kris Kin hotel in Karama.
The faithful can break their Ramadan fast during the holy month at Kris With A View on the 19th floor where diners are spoilt for
choice with selections to suit each palate amidst postcard sceneries of Dubai at dusk.
Diners are taken on an international sojourn of culinary creativity combining the traditional flavours of Ramadan. There are timeless classics such as Lamb Ouzi and Shawarma, traditional regional recipes such as Kibbeh Bil Laban, Chicken Couscous, Oriental Mixed Grill and Samak Mashawi, and Asian and Continental specials such as Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani, Malaysian
Fish Curry, Baked Mussels, and Penne Alfredo, to name just a few.

Those with the ubiquitous sweet tooth will relish in an array of desserts from Basbousa, Pistachio Mohalabia to Baked Yoghurt, Umm Ali and many more. Ladies also get a complimentary henna with the resident artist.

Available throughout Ramadan from Maghrib to 11pm, the iftar is priced Dh120 per adult, Dh60 for children from 6 to 12 years while children 5 years or younger dine for free.

Kris With a View,
19th floor, Park Regis Kris Kin Hotel
Al Karama, Dubai
For bookings, call: +971 4 377 1184
@parkregiskriskin / @kriswithaviewdubai


Ramadan is not all about meat. And so MyGovinda’s, the vegetarian food place famous for its Great India Thali or multi-course meals, is back with an incredible iftar spread. The delectable 5-course set menu for two and four people comes at just AED 89 and AED 179 respectively.

Giving a taste of everything refreshingly light and invigorating and offering fan-favourites such as Greek salad, beetroot hummus, piquant soups, savoury kebabs and sweets, MyGovinda’s is all set to win hearts this Ramadan. What makes MyGovinda’s different from any other vegetarian foodie hotspot is its adherence to the Satvik diet (no onion and garlic as ingredients that presents nourishing soul foods that are great for health.


Combining the slightly sweet and fiercely tangy with the spicy sizzle of Asian fusion cuisine, Baofriend brings an exquisite iftar spread that is inspired by the bustling food streets. Starting from sundown to 10 pm every evening, Baofriend’s four-course set menu promises to treat the patrons’ tastebuds.

Along with assorted Turkish sweets and dates, the feast includes Bala-Bala, an Asian fritter made out of vegetables and served with tangy and spicy Thai sweet-chilli sauce, Gado-Gado, the well-loved mixed vegetable salad topped with creamy peanut sauce and crunchy crackers, and the miso lentil soup, a hearty and nutritious family favourite, which is sure to gratify customers.

Patrons can then choose a main course from delicious mains such as chicken wok-fried noodles that are cooked to perfection with crunchy mixed vegetables, bokchoy, and oyster sauce, Hambagu rice, one of Baofriend’s top favourites that comes with a succulent Wagyu beef patty, spicy cucumber, and irresistible Japanese slaw. The spread will also offer Kimchi ramen with chicken for those who love a bit of spicy and tangy, handcrafted by Baofriend’s incredible Indonesian chef and served with kimchi broth, bokchoy, and sesame.

Desserts include pisang goreng with crispy fried plantain served with vanilla ice cream and amazingly luscious dulce de leche that promises to transport guests to gastronome heaven. Guests can also get their hands on ‘Es Campur’ a cold Indonesian mixed-ice concoction made with jackfruit, avocado, grass jelly, and more. Head to Baofriend’s Dubai Silicon Oasis outlet during Ramadan for just AED 69 per person.

  • Time- Sunset – 10 PM
  • Contact- 04 287 5120
  • Address- Building A3, Dubai Digital Park, Dubai Silicon Oasis, Dubai, UAE
  • Instagram – baofrienduae
  • Website-


For those in Abu Dhabi, an indulgent treat awaits you at Belgrave. Relish Persian flavours and hospitality from the London-born restaurant at the UAE capital with an ‘All You Can Eat’ offer at an exciting price point. You will love the distinctive amalgamation of delicious Eastern cuisines with a Western twist.

The Iftar feast will begin with a hearty special soup of the day. This is followed by a choice of unlimited main course, a basket of mixed herbs and bread, and a choice of either salad Shirazi or mast kheer. Entrees include rich and succulent lamb koobideh grilled to perfection and containing a wonderful balance of spices and herbs, served with aromatic rice. Guests can also pick from Belgrave’s moist and flavourful chicken koobideh, their signature chicken masti, top favourite chicken zafrani or savoury chicken reyhani, all served unlimited, and grilled to delightful perfection, each complementing the multiple palates and preferences of each patron.

The Belgrave fan-favourites will be available for takeouts daily from 5 pm onwards and for dine-in from 6.30 pm to 2 am. Belgrave’s Ramadan Special Boxes include sunrise meals also, which means these savoury offerings can be relished at home and outside or gifted as well.


Lapa Eatery, a Dubai-based venue celebrating clean eating and well-being, has announced a nourishing Ramadan spread where an array of gluten, dairy and preservative free options to choose from a delectable spread. Its exclusive iftar and suhoor offers include foods that are light and wholesome, rejuvenating the fasting ones physically and spiritually.

Some of the menu highlights include a creamy butternut hummus, pumpkin or balila soups, spicy-savoury shakshuka, creamy eggplant avocado on toast, baked falafels, gluten-free fiery chicken quinoa biryani, Karan beef bowl, and more.

Though Ramadan is for those who are hitting puberty at the start of the spectrum, many children start fasting much earlier. The restaurant’s kids’ menu is a knockout win baked sweet potato chips, margarita pizza with homemade cauliflower and broccoli base, beetroot and carrot-based pancakes topped with caramelised peaches and mixed forest berries.

  • Ramadan Suhoor package for one costs AED 110 and only AED 189 for two.
  • Ramadan Iftar package for one costs AED 125 and only AED 199 for two.
  • Time: 10am – 12am
  • Where: Lapa Eatery, Jumeriah
  • IG:

If you know of any Iftar deals you think are worth mentioning, send an email to

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 Elevate your coffee experience with The Brew Crew’s Cold Brew and Nitro Brew



Why limit International Coffee Day celebrations to just one day? The Brew Crew believes every day can be a celebration of brewing up special treats for coffee lovers, which is why the cafe located in Dubai Investment Park (DIP) 2, Dubai, is now delivering unique coffee experiences in a can. In their continuous quest to enhance customer experience, they’ve worked on elevating their delivery menu with new signature offerings — Nitro Coffee and unique Nitro Infused beverages — all in a can and dine-in too. Isn’t that exciting?

Once the coffee grounds are steeped in water (room temperature) for about 16-18 hours — the slow extraction process makes the cold brew, which is more intense than a regular drip coffee. Cold Brew is literally a concentrated coffee drink. And, what’s Nitro Brew? Nitro Brew is a cold-brewed coffee infused with nitrogen gas. So, whether you prefer the subtly sweet, creamy body, and smooth finish of a

Nitro Brew, or the mellow, smooth, and mild acidity of the Cold Brew, The Brew Crew has a brew for everyone. Both the beverages are priced at Dh15, 300ml. The other Infused beverages are complex in preparation, but the taste profile is tropical, sporty, and fizzy. The Nitro allows the drinks to be more full-bodied and memorable.

“We realised that the options for Dubai coffee aficionados to experience Cold and Nitro brews were limited, so we decided to add them to the menu. Similarly, we also wanted to provide a product for non-coffee drinkers in the UAE. And of course, we didn’t want to restrict it to only as a dine-in option, so here we are offering the brew in a can for a takeaway or delivery,” said Ashjeet, Founder, The Brew Crew.

The cafe is also home to a temperature and humidity-controlled facility, which includes a nouvelle Brew Bar in action, a Roasting Training Campus, and a Green Coffee Storage, which is where the magic happens. The Brew Crew is renowned for its commitment to delivering a unique coffee experience and opened its doors to coffee aficionados in September 2023. The caféopens its doors at 9 am and serves until 6 pm, Monday through Saturday. At the location, you can indulge in various other roasted favourites, other than, of course, ordering the Cold Brew and Nitro Brew, whenever you please.

Order now:

Coffee on Tap -> All in a Can. Priced at Dh15, 300ml.

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Dive into coffee intelligence at The Brew Crew in Dubai




Dubai, UAE – Coffee enthusiasts in Dubai have a new haven for exploring the realm of Coffee Intelligence (CI) at The Brew Crew, a recently opened café located in Dubai Investment Park (DIP) 2. While Artificial Intelligence (AI) grabs headlines, it’s Coffee Intelligence that’s capturing the essence of coffee appreciation for aficionados.

The Brew Crew, welcoming coffee lovers since September 2023, goes beyond simply brewing a good cup of coffee. Founded by Ashjeet Talwar, this coffee haven offers a unique experience of understanding the intricate aspects of coffee, ranging from sourcing and roasting to brewing and pouring.

Importing and roasting a diverse range of specialty coffees from various corners of the world, The Brew Crew boasts over 30 artisanal beverages. Ashjeet, the founder, shared the vision, stating, “We believe in knowledge sharing, and there’s nothing better than a coffee connoisseur immersing themselves in the world of coffee beans.”

The café aims to be a space for both coffee lovers and the coffee-curious. Upon entering, visitors are treated to a complimentary crash course by the in-house baristas. The sprawling 6,650 square feet area is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, including a temperature and humidity-controlled setup, featuring a Brew Bar, a Roasting Training Campus, and a Green Coffee Storage.

At The Brew Crew, patrons can select coffee beans primarily from Brazil, Ethiopia, and Malawi. Notable recommendations include their Signature Ceremonial Matcha Latte, the Artisan Brew Iced V60, or the Coffee on Tap Nitro Original and Cold Brew.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by The Brew Crew (@thebrewcrew_ae)

For those eager to replicate the experience at home, guests can purchase ethically sourced beans and receive valuable tips from the team on proper storage to maintain the coffee’s flavor. Ghanu, Head of Beverages at The Brew Crew, emphasized their commitment to educating guests on various factors influencing coffee flavors.

In the near future, The Brew Crew plans to partner with delivery platforms across Dubai. However, for now, coffee enthusiasts are invited to dine in and immerse themselves in the vibrant and visually appealing ambiance, adorned with captivating graffiti.

Moreover, The Brew Crew intends to enhance coffee literacy by hosting a series of lectures, talks, and workshops. The aim is to further instill a love for coffee and enrich the coffee culture across Dubai.

Stay tuned for more updates as The Brew Crew redefines the coffee experience in Dubai.

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British Gastro pub The Stables making a comeback



It is summer time in the UK and couple of notches higher in the UAE, and so bubbly-lovers can look forward to spending some great time indoors when the popular British gastro pub The Stables opens its doors again in Dubai on July 9 after a remarkable transformation.

Combining contemporary gastronomy with traditional pub culture, The Stables promised a renewed exquisite culinary experience as it tries to reclaim its status as a cherished local establishment on the UAE dining and entertainment scene.

The Stables will reopen its doors on July 9 across the Sheikh Zayed Road from Dubai World Trade Centre. Supplied

The team behind the relaunch has strived to create a welcoming ambience where locals and visitors alike can savour exquisite dishes, sample finely crafted beverages, and bask in the welcoming atmosphere. Led by executive chef David Ceagle, the kitchen presents an eclectic fusion of traditional British fare with international influences. From mouth-watering gastro classics to inventive vegetarian and vegan creations, each dish showcases a harmonious marriage of flavours, locally sourced ingredients and meticulous attention to detail.

The Stables boasts a beverage menu curated to satisfy even the most discerning palates. A variety of great concoctions for cocktails and a mixology of spirits and beverages pay homage to the pub’s rich heritage. Live music performances ranging from retro and progressive rock to jazz, saxophone, and percussion, as well as a blend of modern and classic tunes will provide the perfect background music score.

The interior decor includes more contemporary design elements with the pub’s rustic allure. The Stables boasts a warm and inviting ambience with comfortable seating to ensure guests feel at ease.

The Stables will officially open its doors to the public on July 9, 2023. For more information, please visit The Stables website or follow them on social media @TheStablesDubai

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