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Be smart and pay your Dubai traffic fines in instalments at zero interest now



Dubai Police announced its first international smart fines instalment service that motorists in Dubai can now use to pay their traffic fines in instalments.

If you want that option, the new payment option can be paid under no-interest, and the sign up and payment process takes two minutes online.

The service allows vehicle owners to pay interest-free instalment over a period of three, six or 12 months.


However, keep these conditions in mind beforehand, because to avail the service, these are also needed:

  • The value of your fines have to be at AED5,000, for individuals, and AED20,000 for companies and institutions
  • The payment must be done as a 25% of the total fines
  • The installments are issued for up to 24 months and depending on the amount of your fines
  • If you want to postpone the installment, there’s a AED100 fee that needs to be paid. And if you are a company or institution, the fee then becomes AED200, as well as a AED10 Knowledge Fee and AED10 Innovation Fee for each cheque. PLUS, the application needs to be submitted 15 days prior to the instalments date.
  • The first installment commences after 30 days and the duration between each shouldn’t surpass 3 months.

You can start by paying the fines here.

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Sssshhh! Dubai’s silent radars are watching



Dubai is taking a groundbreaking step to enhance road safety with the introduction of ‘silent radars’ designed to catch traffic violations in residential areas. This innovative initiative aims to protect communities by monitoring and addressing reckless driving without disrupting the tranquillity of neighbourhoods.

Enhancing Road Safety Quietly

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) of Dubai has announced the deployment of these advanced radars, which operate without the traditional flashing lights or loud sirens commonly associated with traffic enforcement. This technology promises to capture violations such as speeding, running red lights, and illegal lane changes discreetly, ensuring that residential areas remain peaceful while maintaining rigorous traffic law enforcement.

Advancing Technology

The silent radars employ state-of-the-art sensors and high-definition cameras to detect and record traffic offences. These devices are strategically placed in residential zones known for high traffic volumes or frequent violations, providing a silent sentinel that keeps a vigilant watch over the community. The data collected by these radars will be used to issue fines and warnings to offending drivers, encouraging safer driving habits without the intrusive presence of traditional radar systems.

Community Impact

Residents in various neighbourhoods have expressed relief and optimism regarding the implementation of silent radars. Many believe this move will significantly reduce incidents of reckless driving, making streets safer for pedestrians, especially children and the elderly. The silent nature of the radars ensures that while law enforcement is strengthened, the serene atmosphere of residential areas is preserved.

Authorities’ Perspective

According to the RTA, the silent radar system is part of a broader strategy to leverage technology for improving public safety. “Our goal is to create safer communities without compromising the peace and quiet that residents value,” said an RTA spokesperson. “Silent radars are a testament to our commitment to innovative solutions that balance effective law enforcement with community well-being.”

Future Prospects

As Dubai continues to grow and evolve, the implementation of silent radars is just one of many steps the city is taking to enhance traffic management and road safety. Authorities are exploring further innovations and technological solutions to keep pace with the demands of a dynamic urban environment.

In conclusion, the deployment of silent radars in residential areas marks a significant advancement in Dubai’s traffic enforcement strategy. By combining cutting-edge technology with a commitment to public safety, the city is ensuring that its roads are safer for everyone, making Dubai a model of modern urban living.

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Price Drop: Fuel in UAE to cost lower in July



Petrol prices have reduced for the second time in July after dropping in June. The UAE fuel price committee announced the petrol and diesel prices for the month of July 2024 on Sunday. The rates will be applicable from July 1 onwards.

Super 98 petrol will cost AED2.99 a litre, down from AED 3.14 a litre in June, while Special 95 petrol will cost AED2.88 a litre, down from AED3.02 per litre the previous month.E-Plus 91 petrol will cost AED2.80 a litre, down from AED2.95 a litre, while diesel will cost AED2.89 a litre, up from AED2.88 a litre.

Since 2015, fuel prices in the UAE have been moving in line with the international markets.

Prices are determined by the fuel price committee, chaired by the undersecretary of the Ministry of Energy.

The committee includes members of the energy and finance ministries, as well as CEOs of Adnoc Distribution and Emirates National Oil Company.

The committee, when deciding the fuel pieces, does not rely on just one global market. It considers an average of global prices as well as operating costs of distribution companies.

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UAE waives all traffic violations for Omani citizens from 2018



The UAE Government has decided to cancel the traffic violations of Omani citizens in the country, according to state-run news agency WAM.This covers all traffic violations incurred from 2018 to 2023. The announcement comes a few days after Oman’s Sultan Haitham bin Tariq met the country’s leaders on a state visit on Monday.

Abu Dhabi Police also announced the immediate implementation of fine cancellation for Omani citizens in the emirate.
Major General Pilot Faris Khalaf Al Mazrouei, Commander-in-Chief of Abu Dhabi Police, announced the immediate start of implementing the decision to cancel all traffic violations incurred by citizens of Oman.
In a statement today, he appreciated the decision to cancel all traffic violations incurred by these citizens in order to reduce the burden on the brothers from the Sultanate, and out of the keenness and interest of the wise leadership to launch purposeful initiatives that contribute to the happiness of customers from various segments of society, and to enhance efforts to preserve traffic safety.
He said that work had begun immediately to implement the decision in line with the procedures of the police general commands at the state level and to facilitate the mechanism for cancelling traffic violations.

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