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UAE petrol prices in August: here’s how much a full tank will cost you




In a welcome relief to the motorheads in the UAE, the country’s fuel price committee has announced petrol and diesel prices for the month of August 2022 with a dip of 60 fils in each category of fuel type.

Here are the different rates: 

Super 98: Dh4.03 a litre compared to, Dh4.63 a litre in July
– Special 95: Dh3.92 a litre, compared to Dh4.52 per litre
– E-Plus: Dh3.84 a litre, compared to Dh4.44/ litre
– Diesel: Dh4.14 a litre, compared to Dh4.76

The dip is the first since May with significant hikes in June and July as Russia’s invasion on Ukraine has continuously driven prices upwards and the pinch is being felt everywhere across the globe.

A comparison of prices in the past three months for an average full tank in different car categories is as under (indicative purposes only): 


COMPACT (avg 51 litres) August July June
Super 98 petrol 205.53 236.13 211.65
Special 95 petrol 199.92 230.52 205.33
E-plus 91 petrol 195.84 226.44 201.96
SEDAN (avg 52 litres) August July June
Super 98 petrol 249.86 287.06 257.86
Special 95 petrol 243.04 280.24 249.86
E-plus 91 petrol 238.08 275.26 245.52
SUV (avg 74 litres) August July June
Super 98 petrol 298.22 342.62 307.10
Special 95 petrol 290.08 334.48 298.22
E-plus 91 petrol 284.16 328.56 293.04

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UAE waives all traffic violations for Omani citizens from 2018



The UAE Government has decided to cancel the traffic violations of Omani citizens in the country, according to state-run news agency WAM.This covers all traffic violations incurred from 2018 to 2023. The announcement comes a few days after Oman’s Sultan Haitham bin Tariq met the country’s leaders on a state visit on Monday.

Abu Dhabi Police also announced the immediate implementation of fine cancellation for Omani citizens in the emirate.
Major General Pilot Faris Khalaf Al Mazrouei, Commander-in-Chief of Abu Dhabi Police, announced the immediate start of implementing the decision to cancel all traffic violations incurred by citizens of Oman.
In a statement today, he appreciated the decision to cancel all traffic violations incurred by these citizens in order to reduce the burden on the brothers from the Sultanate, and out of the keenness and interest of the wise leadership to launch purposeful initiatives that contribute to the happiness of customers from various segments of society, and to enhance efforts to preserve traffic safety.
He said that work had begun immediately to implement the decision in line with the procedures of the police general commands at the state level and to facilitate the mechanism for cancelling traffic violations.

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Dubai Police to waive all traffic fines incurred by motorists on 16 April



All fines for traffic violations committed by motorists during the recent record rains, on April 16, will be waived in Dubai, police announced.

Lieutenant General Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri, Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police, made the announcement on Wednesday.

The decision to waive the traffic violations reflects Dubai Police’s commitment to the community and to ensuring their safety, especially during exceptional circumstances.

Dubai’s Crown Prince, Sheikh Hamdan, had earlier approved a series of initiatives and measures to urgently mitigate the impact of the severe weather in the emirate.

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UAE fuel prices announced for March 2024



The Fuel Prices Monitoring Committee has given the green light for an increase in gasoline and diesel prices for March 2024. The approved hike ranges between 15 and 16 fils per liter for gasoline and 17 fils for diesel, compared to February 2024 prices.

Fuel distribution companies have promptly announced the new prices, effective from Friday, March 1, 2024. The updated pricing includes a 5% value-added tax.

Specifically, the price per liter of super gasoline “98” is set to rise by 15 fils, reaching 3.03 dirhams in March, up from 2.88 dirhams in February. Special gasoline “95” will see an increase of 16 fils, from 2.76 dirhams to 2.92 dirhams, while E-Plus 91 gasoline will climb by 16 fils, reaching 2.85 dirhams from 2.69 dirhams. Additionally, the price of diesel will experience a 17 fils per liter hike, escalating from 2.99 dirhams in February to 3.16 dirhams in March.

This decision follows three consecutive monthly reductions in gasoline and diesel prices approved by the committee for January 2024. The reduction ranged between 13 and 14 fils for gasoline and 19 fils for diesel per liter compared to December 2023 prices.

Notably, the Ministry of Energy’s approved fuel price standards are subject to monthly adjustments based on the global average oil price, incorporating distribution companies’ operating costs.

New fuel prices are:

-Super 98 petrol will cost Dh3.03 a litre, compared to Dh2.88 in February.

-Special 95 petrol will cost Dh2.92 per litre, compared to Dh2.76 last month.

-E-Plus 91 petrol will cost Dh2.85 a litre, compared to Dh2.69 a litre in February.

-Diesel will be charged at Dh3.16 a litre compared to Dh2.99 last month.

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